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 Joe Girardi - “He's done a lot in three weeks, and we want him to continue to progress. I've said all along, I will make the true evaluation in the six weeks, when it's all over. But I like what I see.”
 Joe Girardi - “He's been there before, so he's going to work in the outfield a little bit, and then we are going to work him in a game. I want to make sure he's comfortable out there before I just throw him out there.”
 Joe Girardi - “He's a little bit behind. We've just got to make sure we don't rush him. He's still got a ways to go.”
 Joe Girardi - “He's a little bit behind, but we just have to make sure we don't rush him. He still has a ways to go. It's almost like day one for him for spring training.”
 Joe Girardi - “Guys here will get a lot of playing time. We're going to have to make it work, that's all. It's an opportunity for somebody.”
 Joe Girardi - “If you're trying to decide if you want to keep playing, if that's what the issue is, maybe he doesn't want any outside influences to make up his mind. When you have things that are going on in your head, a lot of times people don't think rationally.”
 Joe Girardi - “You see a guy who can help you. There are so many parts to put this team together that you don't know exactly how it's going to turn out. But Stokes has a bat that can help you. We've got to make a judgment around March 31 if that bat can help you. It's a big bat. There is a lot of potential there.”
 Joe Girardi - “I probably won't make any judgments until the third week in March.”
 Joe Girardi - “I want to make sure he is ready, that he's where he needs to be when he gets there so he doesn't get hurt.”
 Joe Girardi - “A big part of my job is making sure these guys understand they belong in the big leagues and they can do it. That's going to be my message, that just because you're young doesn't mean you can't play. I expect you to do it just like you did in Double-A and Triple-A. It's the next step up, but if you make your pitch it's a good pitch.”
 Joe Girardi - “He's a very talented offensive player that put up big numbers. He has not had the chance to probably catch enough games to make a fair judgment if he can be an everyday catcher. But the work ethic is there, and that's something that you cannot always teach.”
 Joe Girardi - “It's not as quickly as we would have liked, but you have to remain patient and make sure he's healthy before we send him back out there. I know it's not as quick as he would like. He's a little miserable. The leg didn't respond the way he wanted it to.”
 Joe Girardi - “This isn't supposed to happen. You're up 5-1 and we're rolling along. It's frustrating. It seems like any mistake we make costs us.”
 Joe Girardi - “He's athletic. We've said all along that he's got all the tools. And there are going to be some plays that he doesn't make. That's just a part of being human.”
 Joe Girardi - “We've played six games at home (13 on the road). April is the nicest month of the year in Florida, right Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.”
 Joe Girardi - “If you know what turf toe is like, it's miserable. We just want to make sure he's healthy.”
 Joe Girardi - “He will take batting practice today, and we'll make an evaluation. We'll see how it feels.”
 Joe Girardi - “I have to make several duplicates of every scorecard.”
 Joe Girardi - “The pitchers need to carry out what we've given them. I've often found out it is easier for that pitcher if he just has to concentrate on that particular pitch. Don't worry about that next pitch. If you make this pitch, I know where I'm going with that next pitch.”
 Joe Girardi - “This was our first chance that we had to win a series and we should have won the series. And the way you make the playoffs is by winning series. You don't give series away.”
 Joe Girardi - “We made some great plays. It's a shame the little things we didn't do tonight cost us. I don't sleep too good after losses. I take every loss personally.”
 Joe Girardi - “I don't see any loss as respectable. We had our chances to win and we didn't get it done.”
 Joe Girardi - “We're thrown right into the fire, Houston and New York. Why not Two teams that are picked to finish at the top of their divisions. Obviously, we're going to have to play them at some point. Might as well play them the first week. I think it's a great experience for our young players.”
 Joe Girardi - “The bullpen guys are going to have to grow up just like the starters, just like our shortstop, second baseman, first baseman, right, center and left fielders probably. It's OK. Just because a guy is young doesn't mean he can't play. It just means that no one in the public besides maybe farm directors and the press know who they are. They can still play. There's a reason that they are top prospects.”
 Joe Girardi - “Miguel played a few days in a row. Josh is going to play a few days in a row. We'll eventually work up to three days in a row. It's hard because we have two catchers that need to play. We'll start stretching them out the last couple of weeks.”

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