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 David Givens - “I was willing to give Houston a hometown discount. I would have stayed in New England if they'd given me an offer I couldn't refuse. They didn't.”
 Chris Givens - “It was a really good game. Both teams had opportunities. Both teams had shots that hit the post. And both goalies made some big saves.”
 Beth Givens - “You might have someone who calls in (to a cell phone provider) and says her name is Jane Smith and that she is on the road and has a problem and needs to have her phone records faxed to the hotel so she can fix it. Unfortunately, cell phone carriers will often do that.”
 David Givens - “The idea is to take the pressure off.”
 Beth Givens - “That individual could post inflammatory things about you after you've broken up.”
 Beth Givens - “These online information brokers are really on the hot seat. There's a lot of interest in what they are doing.”
 Beth Givens - “We're seeing almost as much interest and concerns in background checks as we were seeing in identity theft about a decade ago.”
 Charles Givens - “Success requires first expending ten units of effort to produce one unit of results. Your momentum will then produce ten units of results with each unit of effort.”
 Charles Givens - “Achieve success in any area of life by identifying the optimum strategies and repeating them until they become habits.”
 David Givens - “I was surprised to win, I thought for sure someone else would have a longer commute.”
 Chris Givens - “It's frustrating, but we saw the Trenton game and we knew they had a great goaltender and knew we were going to have to throw a lot of shots at him. We felt good that we were getting opportunities. We felt 5-on-5 a lot of the time we were controlling the play.”
 David Givens - “I had an issue finding the quarterback. And by the time I found him, the ball was on me. I should of made the play, and I didn't.”
 Chris Givens - “You never know what's going to happen in that situation if they're going to pack it up and quit. It was good to see that they answered the call today and came back.”
 David Givens - “Turnover always kill teams in the playoffs. We knew we couldn't afford turnover. It was sort of a shock we turned the ball over as much as we did. All good things come to an end. It's kind of sad it had to end like this, this year. You win some and you lose some and it's sad we didn't come out on top today. The Denver Broncos did.”
 Charles Givens - “That's what's plagued us. We constantly go on a run to pull within striking range and for some unknown reason we go through a series of making turnovers and allow the team to take off.”
 Chris Givens - “If we do our job, we won't have to worry about the what ifs.”
 Beth Givens - “They are usually off the hook financially. But what they are going to have to endure is far worse than having to pay the impostor's bills.”
 Beth Givens - “They are usually off the hook financially, ... But what they are going to have to endure is far worse than having to pay the impostor's bills.”
 Eileen Givens - “There were some things that went wrong, which made me a little nervous. But things turned out okay.”
 Chris Givens - “The last two years in a row we had to go down to Muskegon and Mona Shores knocked us out in the first round. It was nice to be able to stay home, for one, and then to turn the tables on them.”
 Beth Givens - “It's creepy. People realize in their gut that if we require implanted chips, we've become the kind of society where people can be tracked by their government.”
 Beth Givens - “The FTC is reporting on the complaints that they've received, and it could be that more people know to report to the FTC when something bad happens to them.”
 Chris Givens - “We've had people look at us funny when they see us together somewhere. They think that's odd for some reason.”
 Beth Givens - “The person on the other end of the line is likely to have very sensitive information -- your account number, your Social Security number, the types of accounts you have (and) the way you use your accounts.”
 Chris Givens - “Going undefeated in this league is something. It's not easy to do. There were a number of tough games in there.”

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