My Favorite Quotes
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 John Givhan - “A vast number of soldiers came by our table to see our books. Even the soldiers that were in training came over to our tent. Several Vietnam vets came by the tent to see the books.”
 John Givhan - “It was common to see young mothers with small children, who have husbands at war, walking around at the Civic Center grounds. That's why I offered for Jessica to come to Covington County. I want her to share her story with the wives who have husbands in the Bravo Battery 1117 Field Artillery Unit that left out of Covington County. She is very enthused about the possible chance to talk to the wives in Covington County.”
 John Givhan - “The tents were filled with uniformed war mannequins. The children and the soldiers took helicopter rides over Columbus. Various war organizations gathered an shared their stories about the war.”
 John Givhan - “I have been to the God Bless Fort Benning Day before, but this was an honor because I was invited by the committee to come and share my book called Rice and Cotton South Vietnam and South Alabama .”
 John Givhan - “We were seated at a big table that displayed our books. Each author had to introduce ourselves and tell the audience what our books were about.”