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 Chet Gladchuk - “We'll get into a bowl game with six wins and we'll win a minimum six games even though right now I'm hoping we go 10-1, ... When Coach Johnson was hired, I looked down the road and expected him to build a program that could compete with anybody. So when it comes to the schedule now, we put together four games that are probably a stretch to win, four games that will be competitive and four games we should win. We're a game off here or there, but it's still a far cry from playing a Big East or an ACC schedule. That won't happen.”
 Chet Gladchuk - “He exudes what the academy is all about. It is a gray day in Annapolis today.”
 Chet Gladchuk - “The environment was positive, it was a wonderful collegial atmosphere, ... I was very impressed with the way fans on both sides behaved and very appreciative of the respect the Maryland team showed afterward.”
 Chet Gladchuk - “I think the football players, as a whole, have done a great job of representing the institution. They have done well academically and militarily. You take a look at the track record of the program since Paul Johnson has been here, there hasn't been many issues in four years.”
 Chet Gladchuk - “His distinguished career spanning a number of institutions remains impressive and we all wish Don and his family a healthy and happy next chapter in their lives.”
 Chet Gladchuk - “We've tried to come up with a way to make this trip on Navy. We're just doing everything we can to help them, to support them.”
 Chet Gladchuk - “We could have gotten more money to play the Air Force game somewhere else, but it was always our vision to play this game at the Yard, ... The excitement surrounding our program has changed the mentality of our team.”
 Chet Gladchuk - “We are very pleased that WBAL will be our flagship station for Navy football games in the Baltimore market, as well as up and down the Eastern Seaboard, ... WBAL radio is widely regarded as one of the top radio stations in the country and it is terrific for our fans to have the Navy football games on its wide-reaching air waves.”
 Chet Gladchuk - “Dave has played an integral role in the admissions process for all of our athletes and his credibility is unquestioned by leaders on the yard. From the superintendent to the commandant to the various deans, they all have tremendous trust and confidence in Dave. His instincts with regard to prospective student-athletes have been proven over time.”
 Chet Gladchuk - “It's something we're interested in, but we haven't come to any conclusions, ... We have to look at the big picture. There are numerous factors to consider.”
 Chet Gladchuk - “Our student-athletes continually strive to set the standard on the Yard for our Brigade in military performance, academics and conduct, ... The support and encouragement they receive through the Commandant and his staff and the academic dean's office is extraordinary and provides tremendous motivation to be successful across the board. We are all proud to be leaders on the field of competition, but even more so when we can prove to be leaders in the classroom as well, clearly defining the meaning of a midshipman who is truly a scholar-athlete.”
 Chet Gladchuk - “Paul has delivered a level of professionalism, knowledge and focus to a program that truly needed a jump start, ... He has accepted the challenge and the entire Navy community is realizing the rewards.”
 Chet Gladchuk - “This is awesome. This is college football at its best. The atmosphere is electric out here. It's great for Baltimore, and it's great for both schools. ... There are all kinds of mixed marriages.”
 Chet Gladchuk - “I mentioned to Rice's athletic director that we could host the game, but the reason for playing the game on Oct. 22 is logical because we both have open dates, ... It was a coincidence that we had the same open date, but if we didn't, it might have been the logical choice to play the game here.”
 Chet Gladchuk - “Whether we visit South Bend, or the game is played on the East Coast, it is of great interest to our collective national audience of Irish fans, Naval Academy alumni and the Navy family at large, ... Two institutions with similar values rekindling a lengthy and well-respected relationship make this game special.”
 Chet Gladchuk - “Whether we visit South Bend, or the game is played on the East Coast, it is of great interest to our collective national audience of Irish fans, Naval Academy alumni, and the Navy family at large.”
 Chet Gladchuk - “A lot of people have come and gone, but Dave has been the one constant member of the Navy athletic family. He is a true gentleman, a first-class person and has stood as a beacon of respect for Navy athletics. It is a privilege to honor him in this way.”
 Chet Gladchuk - “Let's beat Army first, then take on the Mountain West for a fantastic finish to a historic season.”
 Chet Gladchuk - “Our focal point every season is trying to beat Army, Air Force and Notre Dame, ... Our game against Maryland is just another football game for us, one of 11 we'll play.”