My Favorite Quotes
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 Bruce Silverglade - “Some of these fellows are CEOs. They're attorneys. They're doctors. They're big shots in industry. They have big egos. They have one of these contests and lose, you don't see them anymore.”
 Linda McGlade - “We thought that everything was OK. She was talking and drinking and eating.”
 Linda McGlade - “Truth will prevail over evil. We feel we did our best.”
 Bruce Silverglade - “The guidelines are dependent on enforcement, which makes them inherently weak.”
 Linda McGlade - “We didn't do anything wrong.”
 Linda McGlade - “I was a mother, and she was a sister. We gave our best, and we would do it again.”
 Linda McGlade - “It's inhumane to suggest that a mother of five children and a woman taking care of two young children to go to jail.”
 Bruce Silverglade - “Food companies are spiking fruit drinks, breakfast cereals and snack foods with illegal ingredients and then misleading consumers about their health benefits.”
 Bruce Silverglade - “A boxing gym is a melting pot. In my gym, I have Palestinians training next to Israelis. I have men and women ... as young as 7 and my oldest is 79.”
 Jacqueline McGlade - “The conservation of high nature value farmland will probably require a more concentrated effort in core areas, whereas a retreat of agriculture and targeted nature development in other areas seems quite promising,”
 Bruce Silverglade - “We are asking the Food and Drug Administration to halt the sale of more than 75 functional foods that contain ingredients the agency itself has said have not been shown to be safe for use in food.”
 Jacqueline McGlade - “Without effective action over several decades, global warming will see ice sheets melting in the north and the spread of deserts from the south. The continent's population could effectively be concentrated in the centre,”
 Earl J. Glade - “We are where we are, as we are, because of what we are.”