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 Jerry Glanville - “He got the injury, and he couldn't do anything. And then when he came back, he couldn't hit good. If you're not going to hit, you're not going to play. The last couple of games his knee was better and he was hitting better.”
 Jerry Glanville - “Will we get them The percentages won't be high. But you have to let them know you want them. We're showing them we have a strong interest.”
 Jerry Glanville - “The more you look at them on film, the better they get, ... I had them shut out about five months ago. Then about three months ago, they scored twice on us. About two weeks ago, they got 21 on us. It's coming harder and harder to stop them. I told defensive line coach Vantz Singletary, 'We've got to get the third light on the scoreboard in case they hit a hundred.'”
 Jerry Glanville - “We've got to get the third light (on the scoreboard) in case they hit a hundred.”
 Jerry Glanville - “Mouse tried to pick up my bag, but he had a hard time, it was so heavy. He said, 'I know what's in there. Film.' I probably do a minimum of 4 hours of film every day. I look at prospects for 2007 every day.”
 Jerry Glanville - “I said the next time he gets that penalty he should go immediately to the admissions office and get his transcripts so he can transfer. We won't have that.”
 Jerry Glanville - “We've changed with the times, ... but the heart of what we do is still the same.”
 Jerry Glanville - “I told them, 'Why not do 20 of these in a row today' ... It was the players deciding to do it without mental errors. I prayed to Jesus Christ to try to let them play mentally like they practiced. If I had any help at all, it was asking God not to win (or) not to play good, but let the players play like I knew they could play mentally.”
 Jerry Glanville - “What's happened is all recruiting has changed. By the time you were ready to offer scholarships, the University of Texas was already done (recruiting). Georgia was done. Florida was done. All of the big schools were done. We had to change our program and our philosophy.”
 Jerry Glanville - “I couldn't believe it when I learned some of the guys were walk-ons.”
 Jerry Glanville - “I couldn't believe it when I learned some of the guys were walk-ons,”
 Jerry Glanville - “One thing you learn in football, you waste your time worrying about injuries because they're going to come.”
 Jerry Glanville - “You've got to stop their weapons and they have weapons everywhere. You have to have all weapons accounted for. I think we're ready to go.”
 Jerry Glanville - “When coach Bryant called me, I really could only catch every third word. He was hard to understand, especially on the telephone, because of his accent.”
 Jerry Glanville - “We're all so much better than a year ago. We're coming down running. We wanted to get there a year ago, but I think we can now. I can tell already everybody is light years from where we were.”
 Jerry Glanville - “When you're 17 years old, you're just thinking about girls.”
 Jerry Glanville - “Glanville said he faced similar long odds 15 years ago, when he was the Atlanta Falcons' head coach. We were a 17-point underdog (against Houston), ... For pro football, that's huge.”
 Jerry Glanville - “Our defense is only as good as the nose plays. If the nose doesn't play any good, the defense isn't any good.”
 Jerry Glanville - “Hawaii nose tackle Reagan Mauia was flagged for two major penalties on successive plays in the fourth quarter at Michigan State, one for a late hit on Stanton. Defensive coordinator Jerry Glanville was not pleased. I said the next time he gets that penalty he should go immediately to the admissions office and get his transcripts so he can transfer, ... We won't have that.”
 Jerry Glanville - “Even if I get home at 2 or 3 in the morning, things are still jumping. I usually just get something to eat and watch the waves come in.”
 Jerry Glanville - “When you haven't played, you can't afford to miss any time. He needs to be out there.”
 Jerry Glanville - “June was a quarterback, but he went to all of my meetings. He liked what we did, and he studied it.”
 Jerry Glanville - “We let them know we're working on Alabama's stuff, and they know they have to do things exactly right. We can't compete against Alabama if we make mental errors. They have too good athletes.”
 Jerry Glanville - “You make your biggest improvement your second year and I think we're going to make a leap.”
 Jerry Glanville - “an upbeat tempo. They keep coming and coming and coming. You'd better be ready to play in a hurry. We're going to have to make defensive calls twice as fast as we've made 'em. We're going to have to get in and out of the huddle twice as fast. They create a lot of problems.”

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