My Favorite Quotes
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 Michael Douglas - “People seem to let their hair down a little bit and loosen their ties. And there is a lot of give and share that's going on both in front on the panels and behind.”
 Bobby Douglas - “They wrestled a very good match. Missouri is a very good team, and they had to wrestle to win.”
 Allen Douglas - “In Florida, with its annual increases, and also with the hurricanes and booming construction and resort industries, there are plenty of jobs available. So employers have to pay more to retain good workers.”
 William Douglas - “The dominant purpose of the First Amendment was to prohibit the widespread practice of government suppression of embarrassing information.”
 Carl Douglas - “All we ask is that they bring a guest with them.”
 Turhan Douglas - “This win means we're back. We won because of heart and by believing we could do it.”
 Kirk Douglas - “If you want to see a star, don't go to Hollywood. Come to Palm Springs.”
 Turhan Douglas - “This year's team is on a mission. They're not just playing for themselves. They're playing for this school's honor and for the great players from the championship teams who came before them. They know they're being watched by those players. They feel a sense of responsibility.”
 Michael Douglas - “She is such a tremendous spokesperson for Britain in general, and Wales in particular, that it hurt to see how she was treated in this whole process.”
 William Douglas - “The idea of using censors to bar thoughts of sex is dangerous. A person without sex thoughts is abnormal.”
 Laura Douglas - “We did it in response to requests from our customers that we start offering what would be like a gift certificate. The idea really has caught on.”
 Bruce Douglas - “The results of this audit confirm that Citizens has taken and continues to take all the right steps to improve customer service.”
 George Douglas - “We're weeding through the options that are available to select the several best to get the scientists in the industry working on these problems.”
 Steve Douglas - “I think it's not in the interest of the industry to have unconscionable pricing. We don't subscribe to it, support it, and it gives the industry a bad name.”
 Robert Douglas - “These buyers and their thirst for the information contained in detailed phone billing records resulted in the market and the cash flow that fed and encouraged the online sale of phone records.”
 Bobby Douglas - “Anytime you start with an injury default in the first weight class, that kind of deflates the team. That had a lot to do with our momentum. We didn't get any momentum from that match and we struggled the rest of the way.”
 Michael Douglas - “I would be the villain. She'd have a different love interest.”
 Turhan Douglas - “They have some very, very tough international players. Their level of play is pretty high, and they do pretty well against (NCAA) Division-I teams they're a difficult team to prepare for.”
 Ann Douglas - “Home is an invention on which no one has yet improved.”
 Rich Glas - “That's the irony of the whole thing.”
 William Douglas - “Tell the FBI that the kidnappers should pick out a judge that Nixon wants back.”
 Carl Douglas - “It's difficult to end with bangs if the judge takes away our ammunition.”
 Mack Douglas - “When a man has done his best, has given his all, and in the process supplied the needs of his family and his society, that man has made a habit of succeeding.”
 Michael Douglas - “There was a lot of tabloid journalism about my supposed sex addiction. Bullshit. It's all bullshit. I mean, come on, I never pretended to be a saint. But give me a break.”
 David Douglas - “A forest of these trees is a spectacle too much for one man to see.”

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