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 Jim Glassman - “We've come so far. Holding onto gains from yesterday's rally is impressive.”
 James Glassman - “The only really new proposal in the 2003 initiative was the proposal to lower the tax on dividend income and capital gains, and it costs something like 20 billion to 25 billion a year, which is really trivial.”
 James Glassman - “After doing the basics, government should get out of the way and let the city develop in a natural and organic way,”
 James Glassman - “Inflation springs from how intensely resources are used. There is an enormous amount of unused capacity sitting out there, and it takes a lot of growth to absorb that.”
 James Glassman - “I really think the economic issue is going to play well for the President because we're getting the kind of growth that will create jobs.”
 James Glassman - “the long-run budget impact, despite all the screaming and hand-wringing about this...is really very small, very modest.”
 James Glassman - “Two things every American knows the price at the gas pump and their house story. We all sense there is a shift in the market . . . from a seller's market to a buyer's market. We'll see more in the data in the coming months that will confirm what we all know.”
 James Glassman - “It's reasonable for investors to be concerned with inflation, given six months ago we were talking about deflation. What we're seeing is the purchasing managers are telling us that the costs of some materials are going up. The question is, can it be passed on to consumers”
 James Glassman - “It's really picking up half of labor pay.”
 Bill Glassman - “These mechanisms are there. What you also find is that there is often extensive auditing. Every time the data is accessed, there is a record that says it was accessed, so that if there is any sort of problem, the application will report that the application wasn't working right or this end-user was trying to get access to info they weren't entitled to.”
 James Glassman - “When you're an economist trained in conceptual stuff, you tend to be less intuitive. You fall back on this conceptual framework that the profession has invested a lot of time in.”
 James Glassman - “These long-run worries, there's an element of truth to them, but I think frankly the fears are exaggerated.”
 James Glassman - “The labor force is very flexible. If wages go up, it may suck all these workers back in.”
 James Glassman - “If we get another jobs report as weak as this, there's no way the Fed will hike in September.”
 Jim Glassman - “It's not really a surprise. It just tells you they've dug a lot of holes. I think it's mainly a weather distortion, and we'll see a big payback.”
 James Glassman - “I don't worry about new home sales,”
 James Glassman - “Skeptics will point to other waves of innovations in the past, but things are happening at lightning speed here. Two years ago no one knew what 'dot com' was.”
 Andrew Glassman - “Please come by and say hello. The No. 1 star of our show are the people who are on the show and the people who come out to watch.”
 Andrew Glassman - “Our show is all about finding the most deserving people and making good things happen for them. I think ('Three Wishes') is going to be a quality show that really makes a difference in people's lives.”
 Jacqueline Glassman - “This is an opportunity to see how quickly these technologies are being deployed in the market.”
 James Glassman - “This report just puts together all the news that people had been looking at for the last several weeks. The Fed is going to do what it takes because they fear that maybe growth in the first quarter is close to zero.”
 James Glassman - “Most of the (economic) numbers have been decent, but people just can't have a positive view on the economic trends til they can see the other side of these Middle East developments.”
 Jim Glassman - “Because the event happened, people will tend to attribute the slump it to Greenspan, but the market had a bearish bias as it was and we're the middle of a big refunding week.”
 James Glassman - “This sounds like a good idea. It does make sense in much of the world.”
 James Glassman - “Central banks having lived through that era where inflation went up ... are not inclined to make excuses if inflation goes up again.”

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