My Favorite Quotes
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 Bill Glasson - “The front pins make these holes play two clubs shorter. When you can get a 9-iron in your hand as opposed to a 7-iron, you're thinking pretty good things.”
 Bill Glasson - “For a minute there, I thought this is the way I used to play.”
 Bill Glasson - “It's been so long since I've had a quality round, ... For a minute there, I thought this is the way I used to play.”
 Bill Glasson - “Every surgery I've had the last five years, I wondered, Can I do this again Do I want to do this again Then I realize I have to make money because I'm not qualified to do anything else.”
 Paula McGlasson - “When you hear the title, some people think there's nudity in it. They wonder, 'do the characters pee on stage' Absolutely not.”
 Bill Glasson - “This is life or death, basically. At least for me on the regular tour, there is always next week or the week after. Out here, there is no next week. It was tough.”
 Paula McGlasson - “Our entire season this year is a season that was selected by our students. We usually have a committee of faculty and one student that acts as a representative. This year, the students met on their own and they put up a slate of plays they'd like to see us do.”
 Paula McGlasson - “I think college students generally don't come to enough musical theatre. This is not 'Oklahoma.' This is not 'The Sound of Music.' This is a very contemporary appealing comedy that college kids will enjoy.”