My Favorite Quotes
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 Jean Glavany - “could be a new tragedy for French farmers.”
 Jean Glavany - “Every day that passes reassures us, but it is too early to cry victory,”
 Jean Glavany - “But with so many new sites per day over (in Britain), which means on our doorstep, the risk remains great wind, thousands of tourists or trucks which cross the Channel every day can carry the virus to us.”
 Jean Glavany - “because of the increase in the number of farms where foot-and-mouth disease has been detected in Britain, and because of the presence in France of sheep from one of those farms.”
 Jean Glavany - “Those restaurant chains that are withdrawing beef ribs are... participating in this psychosis and should try to avoid it, ... There is no question of banning beef ribs in our country.”
 Jean Glavany - “The Europeans are in conflict with the Americans, who would like to talk only about agriculture, very quickly, while we want to talk about everything, not just agriculture, calmly taking our time,”
 Jean Glavany - “We have reached agreement on passing on the cost downstream.”