My Favorite Quotes
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 Mike Glick - “For him to come into town and give a lecture about leadership is an ultimate insult to our intelligence - that's why we're protesting. He's supposed to be a soldier himself, and he sold out our own troops and sent them needlessly into combat. That's horrendous and egregious.”
 Mike Glick - “We played a very complete game. It was also a wonderful way to open up the new facility.”
 Mike Glick - “He had expressed to President George W. Bush that the intelligence wasn't credible and he didn't believe the stuff that he presented to the U.N. was true. In my opinion, he was just lying about it to the U.N. to try and sell the war.”
 Melissa Glick - “I knew something was wrong that night because it is very unlike him not to check in. We talked 10 times a day. If we went more than two, three hours without talking, that's a lot.”
 Melissa Glick - “He was the love of my life. My soul hurts ... He was my best friend.”
 Mike Glick - “We still need to show more patience on offense and we need to do a better job of competing on every possession.”
 Mike Glick - “This is by far the biggest win we've had since we lost Daniel Palumbo to a knee injury. We're starting to jell as a team, and our defense really came together tonight.”
 Melissa Glick - “He was home for Christmas, and then he went back January 1. That's the last time I saw him. We all want him to come home.”
 Mike Glick - “I was very proud to coach against Josh and I'm impressed with his development as a coach. He's doing a fantastic job. Towson Catholic is one of the best teams in the area.”
 Mike Glick - “I was impressed with the way we competed and the way we played together tonight. We're starting to play more team-oriented basketball.”