My Favorite Quotes
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 Jim Glickenhaus - “People are so scared that one minute they feel like there's hope and the next minute they panic and sell a bit.”
 Jim Glickenhaus - “It makes a device, a digital sound processor that turns analog voice into numbers which then could be transmitted through fiber-optic cables and cell phones and any device like that. The growth of this is explosive.”
 Jim Glickenhaus - “They have to start earning money, and that is the point when you can judge what they are worth. These companies which have lost 100 off their peaks could lose another 100 and they still wouldn't be cheap.”
 Jim Glickenhaus - “Intel, which has a product that is going to be used, has real earnings, has growth, I think Intel will be around in 50 years.”
 Jim Glickenhaus - “People ask and say why should I pay 30 times (earnings) for something that may grow at only 10 or 15 percent. The question is Is it as exciting as something like Texas Instruments that I believe is going to grow at 25 percent or 30 percent for the next 10 years”
 Jim Glickenhaus - “I mean, I believe very strongly in the fundamental of oil drilling, and the oil drillers are perhaps the most spectacular stocks of this year. They're still up they were up yesterday, and they're near their all-time highs, and that's because the world uses 200 million barrels of oil more than it drills. The companies that own the equipment to drill are going to be utilized more and the rates are going up.”
 Jim Glickenhaus - “With Cisco saying that its order backlog is growing there are good tentative first signs that the future is getting better. But it will still be a slow dribble.”
 Jim Glickenhaus - “The Nasdaq just went up too far, too fast. When anything goes up 100 percent in a year, it is too much it has to pull back. This is a normal correction, and it's a spectacular time to buy these stocks.”
 Jim Glickenhaus - “They have great products. They're going to make physical things that people will pay money to buy, that will result in earnings in real dollars.”