My Favorite Quotes
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 Shannon Glidwell - “It seemed like everything they hit wound up going into our goal. They are a good team. Everyone was telling me they aren't that good this year, whatever.”
 Shannon Glidwell - “I thought we played really well. This was one of our better passing games of the year. It was a great team win. We got to use everyone on the roster.”
 Shannon Glidwell - “I thought we had the better chances. We had one wide open shot that we missed and a couple of chances on breakaways.”
 Shannon Glidwell - “We just made the last mistake tonight. They put us under pressure and they made us pay for it. It was just a good game.”
 Shannon Glidwell - “We had a couple of really nice chances but our quality wasn't that good. We were rushed a little bit in front of the goal. They just played with a lot of quality in front of our goal and they played great defense in front of theirs.”
 Shannon Glidwell - “I was worried about putting an unproven goal keeper back there in district. But with each game her confidence keeps growing.”
 Shannon Glidwell - “She's an ideal student in class and of the game. She practices well. She does a lot of training on her own. She goes to extra goal keeper sessions with her club.”
 Shannon Glidwell - “Beth has a wonderful attitude about the situation.”
 Shannon Glidwell - “They killed us on counterattacks. We passed the ball very well and we were threatening a couple of times in the first half. But they made us pay on the counter attack.”