My Favorite Quotes
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 Gloria Allred - “What pregnant woman do you know that would be fine with her husband having a girlfriend Who is he kidding”
 Gloria Allred - “He still loves Moe. Moe, of course, was innocent in all this and had nothing to do with it. We're really happy that St. James is home.”
 Gloria Allred - “But this desperation tactic is not going to succeed because judgment day is going to come for Mr. Peterson.”
 Gloria Allred - “We've also faxed them a letter yesterday letting them know that she would like to be a party, be told of the developments, she'd like to be able to visit and she'd like the return of her twins as soon as possible.”
 Gloria Allred - “As lawyers we often deal with murder cases. We tend to be in denial that anything like this could ever happen to us. It's just it's heartbreaking.”
 Gloria Allred - “Some were told that the reason they had to stand in a particular spot was to make sure that construction workers passing by the trailer would not be able to see them.”
 Gloria Allred - “We hope for the day when Ms. Love will overcome her drug issues and present no risk of harm to herself or others. Taking full responsibility for her actions will be one sign that she is truly on the road to recovery.”
 Gloria Allred - “We think it is time for Ms. Love to take full financial responsibility for her assault on Ms. King,”
 Gloria Allred - “Gwen was not there to deceive anyone. She had the right to live honestly.”
 Gloria Allred - “It would not surprise me if she testified at the trial, ... They obviously have made a determination that they will have enough evidence in order for the judge to decide that this case should be bound over for trial without Ms. Frey's testimony.”
 Gloria Allred - “She's going to tell the truth, ... They're going to have to face that day. And if they want to bring it on sooner than later, then that will be their decision, and that of the court, to decide whether it's appropriate at the preliminary hearing.”
 Gloria Allred - “I believe that the children should be temporarily removed from Mr. Jackson's care and custody because of the history of Michael Jackson with children and his statements that I have outlined, combined with the present criminal allegations,”
 Gloria Allred - “We think these women had a reasonable expectation of privacy. It's against the law in California to secretly videotape employees while they're changing clothes, and there's no exception in the law for Hooters.”
 Gloria Allred - “This was an unwarranted and vicious attack.”
 Gloria Allred - “We recognize that Ms. Love has a serious problem with substance abuse, but that does not excuse or justify an unwarranted and vicious attack on another human being.”
 Gloria Allred - “The more I know about men the more I like dogs.”