My Favorite Quotes
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 Diane Glossman - “Merrill is not going to merge with anyone in the near future.”
 Diane Glossman - “It's strong across the board. We're seeing double-digit growth -- that's pretty dramatic -- and strong growth on the consumer side.”
 Diane Glossman - “There's obviously been a variety of issues swirling around the banks and the big broker dealers, and this is yet one more straw.”
 Diane Glossman - “The impact of capital markets wasn't all negative, and they saw solid improvement in credit quality in their commercial business.”
 Diane Glossman - “Everyone has been harmed by the terrorist attack. But fixed income has been the bright light of the businesses.”
 Diane Glossman - “You have to consider concerns about the economy and interest rates. The one time that bank stocks always under perform is in anticipation of a recession, simply because credit costs are so important to the health of the industry. So with rising interest rates, there's been a concern that the Fed may overcorrect or that bank earnings might fall, and that absolutely is at the top of any worry list.”