My Favorite Quotes
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 Joe Glowacki - “We all survived. This is my first time at the event, and it's very well run. We are just having a lot of fun. All the boys seem to have a good time.”
 Joe Glowacki - “I want people forever to know who he was and by having this facility and items on the wall out there (in the lobby), I think it will do that. Just yesterday (Wednesday) we had a troupe from Boston theater here performing for the middle school students. As they were ready to leave they said, 'You guys do things so first class in here.' I said, 'We do it to honor of Robert Wise,' not knowing he had died.”
 Joe Glowacki - “It's a sad day. I wrote him a big long letter for his birthday Saturday. I was going to call him but my plans changed and I had to be out of town and thought I'd call him this weekend.”