My Favorite Quotes
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 Angus Gluskie - “You're getting increasingly developed infrastructure throughout the major economies in Asia which is a good framework to run a logistics operation. Toll has always had an aggressive strategy of growth.”
 Angus Gluskie - “There'll definitely be relief when there's clarity. While you might have a couple of residual issues hanging out there, this is a fairly large step in resolving the matter.”
 Angus Gluskie - “I'm not hearing people talk about commodities shares being good value any more. Rising costs and a steadying of commodity prices will show up more and more in earnings.”
 Angus Gluskie - “The market seems to be discarding bonds, which means that the banks will stand to lose out, at least on a relative basis. Anything with a decent yield tends to be targeted.”
 Angus Gluskie - “The sale provides the business with a huge surplus of capital, some of which will be returned to shareholders, which is also a move people will savor.”
 Angus Gluskie - “If they make too many concessions then the potential synergy values to them of the takeover begin to evaporate.”