My Favorite Quotes
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 Mark Glyptis - “The people were quiet and kind of stunned a little bit.”
 Mark Glyptis - “If we were able to obtain those orders and make that product, you would see this area booming.”
 Mark Glyptis - “It is a fair offer. What is difficult is the job loss. The employees would rather have their jobs back.”
 Mark Glyptis - “Someday when historians record the decline of the American steel industry, President Bush will have the infamous distinction of contributing to the decimation of our industry and the loss of American jobs.”
 Mark Glyptis - “It really bothers me when this government decides to buy Chinese steel because that steel is made in China with child labor.”
 Mark Glyptis - “This is something to ease the pain. Our goal was to obtain the highest level of benefit for the workers.”