My Favorite Quotes
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 Greta Gnagy - “We have some big hitters and our top defensive players are back. We also have good leadership and (the players) are working hard. We surprised some teams last year and I think we'll surprise teams again this year.”
 Greta Gnagy - “We need to keep the fire alive. I think we can do it. I think (the players) have a good sense of taking it one game at a time. They're working really hard and they're motivated to show up to every game with their best stuff this year.”
 Greta Gnagy - “Everyone has shown up (offensively) at different times in the clutch.”
 Greta Gnagy - “Nicole is gaining a lot from Sarah's great leadership, and being that she's a freshman, that's key for us and key for her. She reminds me a lot of Sarah when Sarah was a freshman. Like Sarah, she has a great work ethic. And the team has a lot of confidence in her when she's on the mound.”
 Greta Gnagy - “She's a force on the mound. She's definitely improved from last year to this year. She worked very hard on her pitches. She picked up speed and she picked up movement on the ball. You definitely can see the confidence in the team when she's on the mound.”