My Favorite Quotes
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 Hugh Godsey - “If we were going to give up one or the other, we were going to give up the perimeter shot.”
 Hugh Godsey - “I think they realized if they didn't do that they we were going to the house.”
 Hugh Godsey - “We were worried early. I knew if we stayed in it early that was a big key for us. I had to call a time out to get us settled down, but I didn't want to do that.”
 Hugh Godsey - “It got a little ugly out there. Luckily it didn't hurt us.”
 Hugh Godsey - “It was a little ugly there at the end, but the girls pulled through with the win.”
 Hugh Godsey - “We had to replace some really good players. I can understand that a little bit.”
 Hugh Godsey - “They outperformed us in every aspect of the game. I'm disappointed that we did a lot of things wrong, but there's no shame in losing to Kelly.”
 Hugh Godsey - “Brittany struggled some the other night and I felt in my heart that she would step up and she did.”
 Hugh Godsey - “We were just going to go one possession with the match-up zone, but it seemed to bother them a little bit. So, we decided to stay in it. That's a credit to our kids.”
 Hugh Godsey - “It's good for your confidence and it gives you momentum.”
 Hugh Godsey - “They probably could have extended that lead a little bit. We got our kids settled down and told them to take good shots. We weren't rebounding well early. We were probably a little afraid early, a little scared.”