My Favorite Quotes
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 Steve Godsil - “You do get to hear some good gossip.”
 Steve Godsil - “I really like seeing all the different gyms. That makes the travel fun.”
 Matt Godsil - “We learned about the importance of starting strong. I think we understand now the physical brand of football it takes to reach the playoffs.”
 Steve Godsil - “That was a mess. I really didn't think I wanted to do this after that night. It was so nerve-wracking trying to keep track of everything.”
 Matt Godsil - “Nothing has been decided yet. Wooster is going to be loaded for bear after their first conference loss. We'll approach that game as though it is the league championship game.”
 Matt Godsil - “I expect it to be a playoff-type atmosphere. We don't ever talk about the computer ratings, but the kids are aware of them.”
 Matt Godsil - “Those kids are big and experienced. Their line is as big as some college lines and, after last week, they're going to be ticked off.”
 Steve Godsil - “Riding on a bus with a bunch of girls is a new experience. It's a big change from football. Football buses are a little more serious, a little edgy - especially on the way to games. On a football trip, I couldn't care less about talking to anyone.”
 Matt Godsil - “This was a good win. Mount Vernon hasn't played against the option ahead of time and that was the big difference. They tried to defend us in different way. We figured they would try to mimic our game from last week and they did. We worked on it as well. We weren't looking for any one thing to exploit. We just wanted to work hard and get better ourselves. We did a good job of that.”