My Favorite Quotes
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 Matt Goebel - “We're just lucky nobody was hurt.”
 John Goebel - “We've had plenty of kids work as hard as Kelly, but I haven't known anyone who put in the time that he did.”
 Tim Goebel - “In 2003, I was second in the world. But then I never expected to have everything fall apart at once. You can't prepare for that.”
 Tim Goebel - “I feel good things will happen this year. They've got me motivated and generally in better health than I've been in the past few years.”
 Tim Goebel - “I've had a miserable few years, but my support group and my family never gave up and I never gave up,”
 Timothy Goebel - “I guess I wasted four years of my life. I don't know what I'm going to do now.”
 Timothy Goebel - “The base value for quads is way too low. It doesn't encourage people to take risks. It encourages people to skate conservatively and skate clean, and I don't think that's the direction skating should be going.”
 Timothy Goebel - “It doesn't encourage people to take risks.”
 Tim Goebel - “I would like to thank my parents, whose sacrifice and unconditional support have helped make my career possible. I plan to continue to skate, perform and coach on a part-time basis while I'm in school, as my class schedule allows.”
 Timothy Goebel - “It's a lot harder to go out event after event and be consistent.”
 Matt Goebel - “We're excited about it because they're very well known in the community and they do a great job, and they could bring 30,000 to 50,000 people to downtown every year.”
 Timothy Goebel - “Any time I can use my talents to benefit others, I am happy to do so. I hope that the event helps families care for their loved ones.”
 John Goebel - “I've never officially turned him loose. He's always had the green light to shoot when he's open. What Kelly's done is in the summertime. He's played a lot of basketball, spring and summer, actually. He's developed his game that way as far as being able to create his own shots and to get open.”