My Favorite Quotes
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 Ron Goforth - “I personally was very, very pleased with the turnout for it and the interest that was reflected. One of the objectives that we had for the organizational meeting was to figure out when we would meet and how we would structure and what we would do. All thats seemed to gel.”
 Ron Goforth - “When the congressman issued the invitation I sure didn't want to let that fall, so I've spent an enormous amount of time on this thing. This is something I really want to do because I believe it's really important for us to find out.”
 Ashley Goforth - “Everybody needs to be represented. Everybody should feel welcome, and everybody should have a voice.”
 Mike Goforth - “If we had a week, it wouldn't be much of an issue. Three days for an offensive lineman is going to be tough. We'll do everything we can to help him with the pain, but he has to be able to push off and deliver a blow. For a guy his size, that puts a lot of stress on his leg.”
 Ron Goforth - “I do not want this thing to become dependent on me. I want it to be self-sustaining. Really, for this to be a grass-roots effort, some people need to pick it up and run with it.”
 Ron Goforth - “If you do your economic studies properly and count the cost of building and maintaining highways, as well as the cost of gasoline, then the cost of travel by light rail is not only merely competitive it is actually less than what people normally look at.”
 Ron Goforth - “What Im hoping is that there will be enough people there with enthusiasm for this to decide to develop some kind of structure and set up an executive committee, drive the thing, and set up the next meeting.”
 Ashley Goforth - “It's always been the college students. They are the presence within the movement. . . . We're the next step. We're where it's headed.”
 Ashley Goforth - “I made it clear when I got here that I was going to be loud about my politics.”
 Mike Goforth - “He'll have to show us quite a bit of stuff the day before the game before we let him go. If he can't show us he can play, then we won't clear him.”
 Mike Goforth - “We know he's a tough kid, we know he can play within his limits. It's just a matter of if he can stand the pain. There's some things we can do for pain. You don't want to push it too far with that. He does have a career ahead of him. We'll do everything we can to make him comfortable . . . we're going to give him a shot. He's going to have to be awfully good for him to be able to go in there and protect himself and protect the quarterback.”