My Favorite Quotes
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 Jeff Goldberg - “We stayed with them the whole way. Seven goals on a program like that is respectable.”
 Jason Goldberg - “I walked into investor offices and told a three-part story We have a good market, the right product and great customers,”
 Whoopi Goldberg - “Good evening, loyal subjects. I am the African queen. Some of you may know me as the virgin queen, but I can't imagine who.”
 Whoopi Goldberg - “I think actually there's another young lady who would like to do it and so I've got my fingers crossed for her. I think it's Ellen. I think she would be good.”
 Whoopi Goldberg - “Sometimes I wish that I could run as fast as they do and do just 90 percent of the things I see those folks doing. I would have loved to have learned how to be a really good soccer player because I really like soccer.”
 Jason Goldberg - “A lot of these are not new products. But the growth opportunities are better outside the U.S.”
 David Goldberg - “You can harm someone so easily.”
 Mark Goldberg - “We estimate that from 2000 to 2003, health insurance premiums for employers will have increased by about 55 percent, ... In today's tough job market, expect more of these costs to be passed on to the consumer.”
 Whoopi Goldberg - “This is something that's sort of close to my heart.”
 Michael Goldberg - “the casino from hell.”
 Whoopi Goldberg - “When you are kind to someone, you hope they'll remember and be kind tosomeone else and it will become like wildfire.”
 David Goldberg - “But other licensees are interested as well. We hope to replicate that pattern throughout our properties.”
 Carl Goldberg - “We'll probably look first in southern Bergen County for a suitable site for the Jets. We'll talk to the mayors first and see what sort of land mass is available. I'm sure some communities would be quite enthused about that idea.”
 Brian Goldberg - “Junior has no illusions that he's 25, but he'll go at it and work hard. If everything is working out, he'll play.”
 David Goldberg - “Now we have lasers that can improve the quality of skin without removing a layer of skin. It's called the lunchtime laser procedure.”
 Brad Goldberg - “We decided it would be better if you could have a big launch where we're clearly the focus for the whole industry.”
 Whoopi Goldberg - “I don't have pet peeves, I have whole kennels of irritation”
 Dave Goldberg - “The only thing that's going to work from a consumer perspective is something that's very simple, very low price, and works with all labels. I don't see that happening in the next year.”
 Whoopi Goldberg - “You look at the 'Wizard of Oz' and you see things flying up in the airthis is where everything goes that didn't land.”
 Whoopi Goldberg - “You look at the 'Wizard of Oz' and you see things flying up in the airthis is where everything goes that didn't land.”
 David Goldberg - “I don't see this being anything more than a highway for motor vehicles. It'll open up land for suburban development, and we'll be right back in the soup again with more traffic.”
 Alan Goldberg - “They need to learn to keep the focus on the now.”
 Rube Goldberg - “Yeah, yeah. I, I don't think I'm always right. But I don't think young people are always right, either.”
 Rube Goldberg - “When I did sports cartoons, I used to uh, go to fights.”
 Rube Goldberg - “Uh, I just had an operation last March which was rather serious and I'm recuperating now. I'm on a very bland diet. But, uh, I'm lucky, I was just lucky, that's all.”

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