My Favorite Quotes
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 Devorah Goldburg - “That's an interesting idea. I think everyone's thinking out of the box, aren't they”
 Rebecca Goldburg - “NOAA has said it wants a 5-billion-a-year U.S. aquaculture industry. What's the cumulative impact of that industry”
 Devorah Goldburg - “Typically, we open a shelter, the hurricane happens, people hang out there maybe a week or so and then everyone goes home. This time, there's nothing to go home to.”
 Devorah Goldburg - “It's frustrating to our thousands of volunteers out there every day, away their families, helping people. We never said we were perfect -- we're trying to do our best under extraordinary circumstances.”
 Devorah Goldburg - “A disaster like this Katrina brings out the best in people, but unfortunately, it also brings out the worst in people, too.”
 Devorah Goldburg - “Right now, shelter, meals, water and mental health counseling are things people are in need of. But we're not always hearing exactly what the needs are, because we've had spotty communication with our people on the ground.”
 Devorah Goldburg - “If a mistake was made, we want to tell people about it. The good news is that the program is going to cost less money to taxpayers than we thought, and we hope it signals that evacuees have found places to go.”
 Devorah Goldburg - “People are getting more creative and sophisticated in their fraud schemes.”
 Devorah Goldburg - “There were contract employees...that were in the call center giving out code numbers to their friends and family to go to their local Western Union to pick up money. These people were really not Katrina victims.”
 Rebecca Goldburg - “One concern is that altered foods could cause susceptible people to become allergic to foods they previously could safely consume.”
 Rebecca Goldburg - “No one's really clear how that happened.”