My Favorite Quotes
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 David Goldfarb - “We had a very constructive backdrop in the markets for this quarter, and we were able to take advantage of that. And we still have many opportunities to drive further growth.”
 Brian Goldfarb - “Today, with the launch of Windows Server 2003 R2, we're taking another step forward in delivering on the Web Platform vision.”
 Brian Goldfarb - “People who are making investments on .Net Framework 2.0 development will reap the benefits of a simplified deployment situation with Windows Server 2003 R2.”
 David Goldfarb - “We are beginning to see some signs of improvement in mergers and acquisitions and an increased number of transactions,”
 Larry Goldfarb - “Many groups and individuals from the Greater Media area are involved in the center as board members, coaches and volunteers.”
 David Goldfarb - “That is one of the Laws of Usenet, up there with 'You can tell when a Usenet discussion is getting old when someone drags out Hitler and the Nazis”
 Michael Goldfarb - “A large piece of a small plane is a significant amount of discovery.”
 Larry Goldfarb - “This is not just a great attraction but also a contribution to keep this great institution going strong. We hope to have a capacity crowd.”
 Michael Goldfarb - “I think we have a patchwork right now of trying to respond to the latest threat that we hear about. The system is not a system yet in this country. It is a patchwork of different approaches to security. We're playing catch-up.”
 Larry Goldfarb - “We speak to the artists about the benefit for the kids and they usually come in under favorable terms.”
 Larry Goldfarb - “Our mission is to provide children with a healthy atmosphere, to learn about sportsmanship and cooperation and to meet friends. We're giving kids a safe harbor. We'd rather have a 14-year-old play basketball than hang out at the mall.”