My Favorite Quotes
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 Dean Goldfine - “Unfortunately, the U.S. Open loss was very tough. For Andy, the Grand Slams are really at this point what matters.”
 Dean Goldfine - “I think he basically stayed the course. He had a game plan going out there.”
 Dean Goldfine - “This decision, it was something that was hard for both of us, but we both realized that this was the best thing for Andy's tennis right now. There are certain coaches that are better in certain stages (of a player's career), so I think that as a player you have to figure out which coach is going to be best for you where you are at that moment.”
 Dean Goldfine - “When we talked it was a mutual decision. Obviously, I was disappointed, but we both want what he sees as best for him.”
 Dean Goldfine - “His backhand is much improved ... as well as his transition game and his volleys. He's getting to a point now where he's very comfortable up at the net. And now it's just getting the confidence to be able to do it in big matches.”
 Dean Goldfine - “These guys, especially Massu, Is capable of superhuman feats in terms of being able to be out on the court a ridiculous amount of time and coming back the next day and playing great tennis.”
 Dean Goldfine - “It got a little interesting out there, obviously. After the third set, when Andy sat down, I just said, 'Hey, there's a chance here they're going to bring out all the stops here in the fourth set. Just stay calm. I'll stay calm. Focus on your tennis.' Andy did a great job of that.”
 Dean Goldfine - “Because he didn't go down there, that was two extra weeks he was able to spend at home and actually rest a little bit and get his body healthy. Right now he's in amazing shape, and he's moving so well out on the court. And I think that's one of the things he's going to have to do to get back to where he wants to be, which is No. 1 in the world.”