My Favorite Quotes
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 Terry Golesworthy - “The general standard of privacy across the whole industry has actually increased slightly in terms of respect for the customer's privacy. Responsiveness continues to be major issue.”
 Terry Golesworthy - “Customers buy from Web sites that they trust and where they believe their dollars and, just as key, their personal information is safest.”
 Terry Golesworthy - “The Web site is now the front door for most companies online customers are looking for an interactive relationship, something new for many companies,”
 Terry Golesworthy - “Customers increasingly make assumptions on a company and its brands based on the online experience.”
 Terry Golesworthy - “What we found was that more e-mails were being answered than previously -- 95 of all e-mails are answered from the travel industry, which is very high compared with other industries, where we typically see 75 answered. And last time, only about 91 were answered, so they're getting there. But the overall quality of e-mail responses has gone down a bit. We deemed about 68 of the e-mail responses were very helpful and relevant and addressed the question specifically, but that's gone down to just over 50. Some companies have systems in place so they can answer questions well and they can answer them quickly, but what we've generally found is the quicker the response, the better the response.”