My Favorite Quotes
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 Roilo Golez - “They will be brought to an undisclosed place. Let's give them a little privacy,”
 Roilo Golez - “Who will now check the excesses and abuses of the government”
 Roilo Golez - “Their participation will be limited to providing special equipment, training, and sharing of intelligence information,”
 Roilo Golez - “No group has claimed responsibility for the blast, but one government official ascribed it to terrorists. This is definitely an act of terrorism, hitting a civilian bus and killing civilians in the process, ... The president is very concerned about this.”
 Roilo Golez - “It's still a game of hide and seek, but their world is getting smaller and smaller,”
 Roilo Golez - “one to two years.”
 Roilo Golez - “His name was often mentioned by the opposition to show who was supporting the impeachment. I think he needs to explain why he changed his mind because he owes it to the people,”
 Roilo Golez - “The government will continue to observe maximum tolerance,”
 Roilo Golez - “We realize that at the end of the day the majority can railroad this and use brute force, use the tyranny of numbers,”
 Roilo Golez - “The government policy is no ransom, no negotiation.”
 Roilo Golez - “The assassination story is very, very serious. In the House, if one makes a serious accusation against a colleague, attacking hisher integrity, the accuser must present the evidence. If unfounded, the aggrieved party can file a case in the committee on ethics,”
 Roilo Golez - “The president placed the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police on heightened alert to avoid similar terrorist attacks in the Philippines,”
 Roilo Golez - “The Cory group will be resorting to mass action,”