My Favorite Quotes
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 Claudine Goller - “He was an inspiration. It was just so exciting to hear about somebody so young who had suffered so much and had such hope to accomplish something.”
 Sam Goller - “Achieving financial success doesn't have to be stressful, but it requires determination. Newlyweds have a huge advantage when it comes to investing for the future - time. By taking the time now to build a solid financial foundation, attaining financial independence is a real possibility.”
 Sam Goller - “Be honest with each other. Don't wait until after the marriage to surprise the other partner with a mountain of debt.”
 Sam Goller - “We're trying to share information and show people the things they can be doing. We want to show people how to take control of their life and take control of finances today and into the future. The bottom line when it boils down is that the only one to take care of you is yourself.”
 Sam Goller - “This is a book about how a couple can use money to enhance their relationship. Money doesn't have to be something that is a source of argument.”