My Favorite Quotes
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 Kedric Golston - “I think he's got a pretty bad concussion. Hopefully, he'll be fine. It's his first concussion to my knowledge.”
 Kedric Golston - “The media expectations were down about us, but we know the game of football is simple. It's one play at a time. If you can get better each and every day and you win your battle every single play, the game will take of itself.”
 Kedric Golston - “I still love him to death. He just took that (job) and figured he was satisfied with his career. I hate it for him, but I think he's happy.”
 Kedric Golston - “We're held to a different standard. Some of the people who are looking down on us, their children are doing some of the same things or worse. It's not right what I did. By no means did I want it to happen. But it's not like I killed anybody or anything like that.”