My Favorite Quotes
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 George Goncalves - “Dealers weren't that interested even though we had good indirect bidding.”
 Luis Goncalves - “But we hope he won't be out that long.”
 George Goncalves - “Now, with the inflation numbers, there are some worrying about Fed credibility, worried maybe that they're falling behind the curve.”
 Luis Goncalves - “Today we played a very strong side.”
 George Goncalves - “With short-term rates that much more than long-term rates, it's not a bad idea to reverse your trade.”
 Luis Goncalves - “We will have a month together prior to the World Cup to prepare.”
 George Goncalves - “Let's take it one step at a time. Let's take the 30-year and see how that goes. We haven't had such long- duration assets in five years, so let's not go from one extreme to the other.”
 George Goncalves - “We had a relief rally on the back end yesterday, and it's carrying through to today. Plus, with the refunding out of the way, it's lifted a weight off the market.”
 George Goncalves - “We had a relief rally on the back end yesterday (Thursday), and it's carrying through to today.”
 George Goncalves - “As people read the economic numbers, they know the Fed is still there.”
 George Goncalves - “People were thinking that, if the oil refineries take a direct hit, energy prices would shoot up and it would have a bigger impact on the economy.”
 George Goncalves - “As rates float higher, it's better to keep your money close to home and wait for better opportunities down the road.”
 George Goncalves - “They lost the incentive to issue debt to buy mortgages during the end of January and the majority of February.”
 Luis Goncalves - “We still have a chance and we are going to take it. African Cup games are very different from World Cup games. In Germany, we will do our best to make Africa proud.”