My Favorite Quotes
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 Butch Goncharoff - “We let the kids enjoy it for a day but then put it to bed. We'll have time to reflect on it after the season.”
 Butch Goncharoff - “Liberty was the best team we've seen since Long Beach Poly. We caught them a few times, but we still have to eliminate the mental mistakes.”
 Butch Goncharoff - “I think it's pretty cool. It gives more kids an opportunity and rewards teams that are playing good at the end of the year.”
 Butch Goncharoff - “It's fun. It gives our kids another sense of motivation.”
 Butch Goncharoff - “They gave us the belly play and we hit it. A couple times we caught them in the right defense.”
 Butch Goncharoff - “His ability to catch the ball and run after the catch will help him at the next level.”