My Favorite Quotes
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 Falun Gong - “a network for transmitting information and practices, in which people may dip on an incidental basis or more regularly.”
 Frank Gong - “Cheap labor, that's the only one. They don't have anything else.”
 Falun Gong - “It's been seven years since I practiced it in public,”
 Falun Gong - “We are appealing to the United States as a world leader in human rights ... to urge the Chinese government from using force against its people,”
 Falun Gong - “Morale among provincial police officers is not high,”
 Frank Gong - “It's possible, I think at the moment everything is possible. It's too early to judge the impact. It just makes the matter even worse at an already bad time.”
 Falun Gong - “This is serious human rights persecution,”
 Frank Gong - “This will increase the political pressure from outside for China to allow the currency to appreciate. Domestic demand is much stronger than expected. They can afford to rely less on exports.”
 Falun Gong - “We hope our Prime Minister can openly and publicly speak to the President of China to urge him to stop the persecution,”
 Falun Gong - “We are very concerned for master Li's personal safety, ... What will China do next”
 Falun Gong - “For a professional artist to be taken so abruptly without consultation with the company is of great concern to the safety of citizens travelling in China,”
 Falun Gong - “Given the different national conditions of China and Canada and given our different history and cultural traditions, it is quite normal for our two countries to have different views about human rights.”
 Falun Gong - “It's been nine years and it has spread to 40 countries and to over 100 million people. This is really a blessing,”
 Falun Gong - “receiving a high level of attention from the Chinese government.”
 Frank Gong - “I don't expect them to take any drastic action. They are comfortable with higher growth.”
 Falun Gong - “Many of these stories are completely fabricated. ... There was no torture. Prison wardens are forbidden to physically abuse inmates.”