My Favorite Quotes
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 Gideon Gono - “This is a modest payment meant to demonstrate our sincerity with respect to our international obligations,”
 Gideon Gono - “We are a guilty party from a technical point of view, ... All we can do is to plead mitigatory circumstances to our arrears situation and pray that the jury will see for itself how genuine our efforts at self correction are.”
 Gideon Gono - “As the Chamber of Mines we believe that there is adequate policing in the industry and additional policing would yield no marginal value.”
 Gideon Gono - “One can never be prepared enough for anything. We always want to react late. We have become a nation of pointing fingers, a nation of perpetual moaners and a nation that lacks initiatives,”
 Gideon Gono - “The country is ... standing on the edge of a cliff which threatens to irreversibly take us downhill if we do not boldly move forward with speed to address most of our shortcomings.”
 Gideon Gono - “from where we stand, anyone invading farms now is not working for the interest of this country is a criminal and ought to be locked away until after the harvest,”
 Gideon Gono - “This payment has been made following a positive response from some of our exporters and holders of free funds in response to some of the turnaround initiatives that the country is implementing.”
 Gideon Gono - “We have been putting our money where our mouth is in as far as ... the need to remain a part of the global village and the international community as represented by IMF membership.”
 Gideon Gono - “If you invade a coffee, tea, cocoa, wheat or a fruit farm what you are doing is to undermine the productive capacity of this economy, therefore causing inflation,”
 Gideon Gono - “As Zimbabweans we cannot go it alone and it is imperative that we seek to work with other international business partners, particularly those that ... wish us well.”
 Gideon Gono - “This transaction will send a message to the world that Zimbabwe is a country that serious investors can do business with.”
 Gideon Gono - “Guided by the ongoing consultations the Reserve Bank is carrying out with all stakeholders concerned, as well as strong representations by the banking industry, it has become necessary that we suspend indefinitely the introduction of this proposed measure.”
 Gideon Gono - “Some people in the farming areas have invested in irrigation schemes using foreign exchange to import infrastructure using Reserve Bank money, and yet for some reverse reasoning we allow these precious investments to be invaded and destroyed.”
 Gideon Gono - “It is difficult to express the feeling of joy and relief, but also, there is a feeling of the weight of the decision, of the responsibility that lies ahead.”
 Gideon Gono - “I cite a good example, say, of agriculture, ... In agriculture we need to move with speed to bring to full utilization the land that is now in our possession. We need to curb aspects of corruption that are endemic in the economy. We need to be transparent in everything that we do. We need to be consistent in implementing the policies we would have agreed. And not implement policies one day and reverse them the other day.”
 Gideon Gono - “What is now required is that we should, as a country, stay on course to ensure that our economic objectives come to fruition. The close range in the voting is indicative of how serious and close the country had gone towards being expelled and how critical it is for Zimbabwe to urgently implement radical policy measures that will stabilise and grow the economy, especially in areas such as agriculture, mining, tourism, manufacturing as well as in the parastatal and local authority fields,”
 Gideon Gono - “We have just one request, ... Our creditors and the international community should not take precipitous action whose effect is to negate the turnaround efforts currently under way.”
 Gideon Gono - “Those who want luxury cars should buy them at market rates and not ... abuse public funds.”
 Gideon Gono - “This is the darkest hour before dawn and we should never underestimate monetary authorities' ability to deal with the adversity.”