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 John Gonsalves - “This was really a tough area to work. We looked around for some land, and I was able to find a two-acre parcel in the area, but it was 750,000. . . . That's why we decided to buy a home.”
 Tom Gonsalves - “It was a tight game for a while, and I thought she was relentless. She wasn't going to let us lose.”
 Tom Gonsalves - “We were down by six going into the fourth quarter, and the bad thing was that we were 7 of 42 from the 3-point line. I thought our effort was really good.”
 Philip Gonsalves - “Some of the showers could be a little heavy, but only for short periods of time.”
 Philip Gonsalves - “This is only the second or third time that we've had less than one inch of rain at Lindbergh Field during December, January and February.”
 John Gonsalves - “I don't think the veterans' benefits are really keeping up with the times.”
 Tom Gonsalves - “After the game, I was here at home kind of numb. I've never felt that way. I was almost in shock. I could hardly sleep and didn't go to work. It's been a pretty depressing day, and the last thing I wanted to hear was that it was an ACL. She worked so hard to get where she is, and it's just a tragedy.”
 Amanda Gonsalves - “She took so much pressure off us as freshman and sophomores. She was really the focus of the offense, so I saw a lot of open shots, but that changed last year. When she left, it took a lot more work to get open shots.”
 Tom Gonsalves - “We've been fortunate through the years not to have major injuries. It's sad because (our team) deserves better. I just told them how proud I was of their effort. I still think we were the better team.”
 Philip Gonsalves - “We had a similar system like this - almost exactly to the day - last year. There's nothing unusual or out of the ordinary about it. This weather relates directly to a low-pressure system sitting southwest of us off the coast. It's pumping moisture into the air.”
 Tom Gonsalves - “I wasn't really surprised that Jacki scored as much as she did. If I left her in the game like that all the time, she could do this every night.”
 Philip Gonsalves - “The heavy-type rainfall won't get here until early in the morning.”
 Tom Gonsalves - “We had to win this game because the power ratings are really important to us. We're No. 1, and we want to make sure we stay there.”
 Tom Gonsalves - “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me, and I'm not just going to sit back. I'm going after it. I love the university, and I think it would be a great opportunity for them to change what's going on there. I'm very confident that it would be a whole new era. I told them I think I could win with the players they have right now.”
 Amanda Gonsalves - “We didn't play our best game. They played better than us. We didn't come out as strong as they did. They came out with intensity. We were down 13 and couldn't come back.”
 Philip Gonsalves - “Don't tell anybody, but by Monday you could play in the snow in the mountains. We could see a foot, maybe more, places like Palomar Mountain. The higher elevations could get about three feet of snow by Sunday evening.”
 Philip Gonsalves - “A lot of the places that would normally get flash flooding are at the higher elevations, and since it's so cold, it's snowing.”
 Amanda Gonsalves - “It's been great having my sister on the floor with me these past two years.”
 Amanda Gonsalves - “We have an understanding with our parents - schoolwork can't slack. Academics are definitely something we pride ourselves on. We'd be upset if we didn't do well.”
 John Gonsalves - “His mom will be his next-door neighbor.”
 Amanda Gonsalves - “I think we can win the rest of the games on our schedule. We're playing really well right now, and our defense has picked up.”
 Tom Gonsalves - “I was upset because we have been in tougher situations than this, and we lost our composure. They were leaving the person they were guarding, and doing their own thing on defense.”
 Amanda Gonsalves - “We did a lot better towards the end of the season when we won seven of eight. We know where each other is on the court. We have better ball movement. We're moving off the ball. We're seeing each other better. That's a big improvement. The defense has picked up a lot. We're getting back on defense.”
 John Gonsalves - “There's a lot of great people in this country, and I've always known that. But after starting Homes for Our Troops, it really hit home at how many great people there are.”
 John Gonsalves - “These veterans go out and put their lives on the line for you and I. They don't know us, so I think us not knowing them shouldn't have any impact. We've got a country with a great amount of resources, and I just think that this is the least we can do.”

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