My Favorite Quotes
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 Adam Gontier - “We just finished a video. It's going to be out fairly soon.”
 Adam Gontier - “I think the music has evolved from what it was on the first record. The first one was sort of about things going on around us growing up in a small town. This one is sort of personal to me.”
 Adam Gontier - “We actually wrote the record in and out of Canada, where we live, in sort of cottage country. ... We were at a lake, around campfires, writing music.”
 Adam Gontier - “If there's beer flying at us, it's all good, brother. We started playing tiny redneck bars up in northern Canada where there's tons of beer flying and wire cage protecting the band and all sorts of stuff. So we're down with the party.”
 Adam Gontier - “We just did what we do. People think that we've changed and become somebody else, but really it seems that they've actually changed.”
 Adam Gontier - “On tour, there was a young girl that came up to me and said if it wasn't for the song 'Home' she had felt that she wouldn't be here anymore. She related to that song so much that it apparently saved her life.”
 Adam Gontier - “This record is quite a bit more personal than the last record was.”