My Favorite Quotes
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 Jose Gonzalez - “They really don't know where the future lies. If developers decide to build a high-rise where the McCormick building is, they'd have nowhere to go.”
 Oscar Gonzalez - “Even though the numbers are soothing, the Fed still is on high alert for a future flare-up in prices,”
 Leroy Gonzalez - “That's a good position to be in. They're gonna be tough games, but we have them at home.”
 Orlando Gonzalez - “He's the most gentle man around. His hands are his instruments.”
 Adrian Gonzalez - “I had to put a lot of heart into it. Seeing (Kelly) also being a 'six' seed go in there and win made me think I could go in there and win. It made me give my all.”
 Mike Gonzalez - “I wasn't going to give Taguchi anything good to hit with a lefty on deck, ... The guy is one of those punch hitters that when he gets those hits, he won't hurt me with the long ball. This is a good win to go back to the house with.”
 Elian Gonzalez - “When they came in, I stood in front of everybody and begged them, 'Please don't let the boy see the guns ... I'll give you the boy,'”
 Juan Gonzalez - “If they had any human feeling, they would give us the visas straightaway.”
 Arnold Gonzalez - “Clark has a three-quarters delivery that seems to give him good movement. I think we will see some good pitching this weekend.”
 Daniel Gonzalez - “We have a very young but talented team. We need to have big success this year for bigger goals for the following year.”
 Luis Gonzalez - “This was a good series for us, ... We could have very easily taken all four. We have two months to go. We know where San Diego is, we know where the Dodgers are. We haven't had a good run yet, this was a good start for us.”
 Adrian Gonzalez - “I'm not scared of it. I'm good in science. I think I'm going to do OK in it.”
 Adrian Gonzalez - “It's a good feeling to have. I know they're not going to pitch around me. I'll get some pitches to hit. I'm just looking to hit spikes (line drives).”
 Maria Gonzalez - “It felt good. It felt like remembering King's march in Alabama. It felt like remember Rosa Parks in the bus, moving up to the front.”
 Luis Gonzalez - “It definitely doesn't seem like there's one team really jumping out there to take the initiative to run away with this thing, which is good for us because we're behind San Diego. So we're just going to go out there and keep playing hard and hopefully we can get on one of those winning streaks that we haven't had all year.”
 Anthony Gonzalez - “Coming into this week, we felt real good. Our spirits were high, and we knew that if we win out we can still be co-Big Ten champions. Everyone is focused on that goal.”
 Alberto Gonzalez - “I believe Gov. Perry has done his part, and now it's up to the federal government to do its part,”
 Alberto Gonzalez - “I believe Governor Perry has done his part and now it's up to the federal government to do its part,”
 Alejandro Gonzalez - “What is required immediately is the return of the boy. If this does not happen, the U.S. government will be responsible for the way in which relations between the two countries could worsen.”
 Luis Gonzalez - “It's a real act of goodwill on the part of the government. The government will be recognizing the wishes of a large sector (of society).”
 Cristina Gonzalez - “That kind of growth is definitely not sustainable. I think we're definitely going to see a slower rate of growth, rather than an actual decline, but I can't say when.”
 Oscar Gonzalez - “We are looking at a growth rate somewhere in between 6.5 percent and 7 percent at this point. I think it's really going to be up there.”
 Francisco Gonzalez - “We are very active and alert to any opportunities for non-organic growth.”
 Jose Gonzalez - “On the one hand you have the need for this type of employee. On the other hand you have a flawed, broken immigration system that doesn't recognize there is a need for these types of workers.”
 Elian Gonzalez - “They really psychologically traumatized Elian, ... This lady (Reno) to me doesn't have a heart.”

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