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 Scott Goodale - “I knew how good they were, and we wrestled them awfully tough. We were in four overtime matches.”
 Scott Goodale - “That's not really a surprise. I guess he surprises everybody else, but I think he's really good.”
 Ralph Goodale - “In the meantime, the Government will proceed with its review of Canada's existing legislation that governs the financial services sector. This review will deliver tangible improvements for consumer protection, streamline regulation and create opportunities for our financial sector.”
 Ralph Goodale - “This is an issue that the caucus asked the government to consider,”
 Ralph Goodale - “Canadians will wonder why their personal income taxes went down last year - but just for one year - and now they have jumped back up again.”
 Ralph Goodale - “A tax break of two or three cents per litre would rapidly become invisible. Indeed, the industry suggests we would need a forensic auditor to find (it),”
 Ralph Goodale - “Because they have to do with making sure that investment and jobs continue to happen on the Canadian side of the border.”
 Scott Goodale - “He's got a lot of experience in big tournaments. We tried to put him against the best kid every time.”
 Scott Goodale - “Five minutes after he won today I'll guarantee you his thoughts were on staying undefeated for his career.”
 Ralph Goodale - “Tomorrow, I hope we will be able to provide further and better detail,”
 Ralph Goodale - “We really cannot trust these people,”
 Ralph Goodale - “It was agreed among the House leaders that without putting the House through the complication of a vote, and the bells and the time and all of that ... we would just unanimously accept the deeming motion.”
 Scott Goodale - “It's such a high level of wrestling there's a good chance he's not going to turn Harrington. I didn't want to waste any time or energy. (Working on his feet) is his strength, and if he was going to lose he was going to have to get taken down from his feet.”
 Ralph Goodale - “In today's world, the greatest point of differentiation the real basis of competitive advantage is brainpower. An idea can create whole new industries. Knowledge and creativity have become the true measures of economic potential,”
 Ralph Goodale - “Over the next five years, Canada's current tax-rate advantage vis-a-vis the United States will be almost totally eroded,”
 Wing Goodale - “It is vitally important that people become personally connected to these birds so that they understand what they're going through.”
 Ralph Goodale - “affected hundreds of thousands of ordinary Canadians who have invested in mutual funds that invest in income trusts.”
 Ralph Goodale - “The opposition will do whatever the opposition does but this government is standing not only on its record, but its agenda on its future, and I am more than happy to take that agenda to Canadians if necessary,”
 Wing Goodale - “It's an incredible opportunity, and wonderful that we can share it with the public.”
 Ralph Goodale - “We want every Canadian to have an opportunity to experience the fulfillment, empowerment and freedom that flow from higher learning,”
 Scott Goodale - “We can't help but think about them. There's a tremendous rivalry between the two schools. But you have to try and stay focused on that first match. Ocean is good, very good. And they're dangerous.”
 Ralph Goodale - “It became quite obvious that the opposition's intention was to prevent the publication of a budget in February, and therefore I felt I had an obligation to Canadians not just to provide the bare bones of statistics, but in fact to give a greater indication of how the flexibility would be used,”
 Ralph Goodale - “Around the table there was complete recognition of the issue that we were attempting to deal with and a very strong measure of support, and no one expressed opposition,”
 Ralph Goodale - “those forces just around the corner are going to make it difficult to maintain the pace.”
 Ralph Goodale - “Revenue loss is an issue when it gets into the realm of hundreds of millions of dollars,”

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