My Favorite Quotes
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 Roger Goodell - “We want to hold or reserve judgment on that until we've been through this, but we know there's growing interest in playing regular-season games”
 Roger Goodell - “The NFL clearly is making an investment in this because we believe it's the right thing to do,”
 Chris Goodell - “You look at the teams picked at the top and they're always the ones people expect to see in contention and on top of the heap. You look at St. Cloud, they've been to the playoffs eight straight years, they're like the Atlanta Braves. Those teams will be at the top until somebody knocks them off.”
 Roger Goodell - “We think it's doable, ... We think this is going to be a great opportunity for us to understand more about playing a game internationally.”
 Roger Goodell - “We have such great interest. We have a great fan base in Mexico. It's been growing dramatically over the last several years, and we're responding to that interest. It's going to be a great opportunity to understand more about playing a game internationally.”
 Roger Goodell - “It gives us an opportunity to go to a market where there is a great deal of interest in American football, ... and we think it will have a special interest and appeal to Hispanic fans in the United States.”
 Chris Goodell - “Rick was our number one guy that we pursued. As far as we know, Thunder Bay is still interested in Chad.”
 Chris Goodell - “Rick was number one from the get-go. We pursued him and we got him.”
 Chris Goodell - “When you're on the outside looking in at our organization, based on last year it's hard to argue with these rankings. Last year, people were expecting us to be in serious contention. This year, people are thinking, Where's this La Crosse club going to be' That's where we get the chance to go out and prove ourselves.”
 Chris Goodell - “We wanted an individual with experience in the game who could serve as a mentor. On top of that, he's a first-class individual who knows how much baseball means to the area.”