My Favorite Quotes
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 Willie Goolsby - “Any tournament game is going to be tough. We want these kinds of games because it helps us down the stretch.”
 Willie Goolsby - “I saw that we could get offensive rebounds on them. They did a good job.”
 O.B. Goolsby - “Looking past this quarter, we generally anticipate that market conditions will progress favorably as we move into summer, which is traditionally the case for our industry.”
 Willie Goolsby - “Her play in the second half was very key for us. We look to her for leadership. She really turned it up in the second half.”
 Susan Goolsby - “It was so nice to see the seniors having a good time.”
 Willie Goolsby - “We play with a lot of defensive pressure every game. There are going to be times where you aren't going to be up. Unfortunately, we weren't up in the first half.”
 Susan Goolsby - “We closed up early last year and that was the first time. The weather has been beautiful so far this week. Just keep your fingers crossed.”
 Willie Goolsby - “We've made it to the first round the past few years. We feel good (making it) past that point.”
 Willie Goolsby - “The ball would go to the rim, (but) it just wouldn't roll for us. You need a little luck, and the luck wasn't with us.”
 Willie Goolsby - “We weren't getting back on defense and we were taking too many quick shots. We'd make one pass and then shoot. We needed to work the ball around.”
 O.B. Goolsby - “Looking forward, we believe that the international markets will resume more demand for U.S. chicken as consumers become more fully aware that eating properly handled and cooked chicken has never been a human health issue, particularly as international supplies have been negatively impacted by efforts to control the spread of avian influenza in Asia, Europe and other locations.”
 O.B. Goolsby - “We attribute this drop in selling price primarily to the effects focus and concern over avian influenza has had on international demand for poultry products and to the disruptions caused by having to reroute product in transit to locations other than those intended as these concerns materialized.”
 O.B. Goolsby - “Sales momentum during the Christmas holiday season in Mexico failed to live up to expectations and last year's performance.”
 Susan Goolsby - “Those kids work hard to prepare their animals for the show and when they get a real check for the first time, it's a big thrill.”
 Susan Goolsby - “It is quite a thrill to watch the seniors come in and see their eyes pop open when they see all the rides and animals. They are just as thrilled as the kids when they come here and we try to make everything as exciting as we can.”
 Willie Goolsby - “She is a missing link that we were missing overall. She is way ahead of her time.”