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 Retief Goosen - “I didn't play all that great or putt all that well but I am only two shots behind, which is nothing on this golf course.”
 Retief Goosen - “Obviously, the golf course is only going to get tougher as the week goes on. If I can keep striking the ball solid and keep it in play, we can try for Sunday.”
 Retief Goosen - “I think the guys would like to play this type of golf course more often, ... I think this is a true test of your golf. You really cannot get away with any bad part of your game around here.”
 Retief Goosen - “Two under is not a bad start. That was pretty much as good as I could have shot. I didn't drive it well. I was making a lot of five-footers for par, which is not good.”
 Retief Goosen - “It's great to get off to a good start. Now, I have something to build on for the next three rounds. Obviously there is still a long way to go but I'm very happy to start off like this.”
 Retief Goosen - “It's great to get off to a good start. Now, I have something to build on for the next three rounds. Obviously there is still a long way to go but I'm very happy to start off like this,”
 Retief Goosen - “On Tuesday he hit the ball as good as I've seen him hit it. He's such a great competitor that he probably still believes he can win out here.”
 Retief Goosen - “I started a little bit shaky but I had Phil to guide me around here. We made some good putts and it went really well.”
 Retief Goosen - “I missed a lot of greens but I chipped and putted very well and holed a lot of good putts for pars. The greens were a bit more tricky this afternoon with all the traffic. I felt I could have shot a good round. I was 3 under through six and then nothing happens.”
 Retief Goosen - “On the back nine I was just sort of hanging on but it's never over till it's over. I think on 15 was a big turning-point, when I chipped in for par and I think then the tournament was over.”
 Retief Goosen - “You still know you're going to have to play like hell to win,”
 Retief Goosen - “Luckily, it doesn't really hurt me when I hit the ball. I know it's there, but it's nothing serious.”
 Retief Goosen - “He's such an inspiration to all of us. Very positive, great character to be around and learn from him.”
 Retief Goosen - “Pretty much whoever wins the tournament at the end of the week is the guy that putted probably the best.”
 Retief Goosen - “I'm not that clued up on the American sports yet, really.”
 Retief Goosen - “I turned pro and won Rookie of the Year on the South African Tour and then it took me two tries at the qualifying school on the European Tour and to get my card and the rest is history.”
 Retief Goosen - “I worked on my temper and worked with Jos from 1998 to 2002 on the mental side of the game.”
 Retief Goosen - “Unbelievable. I thought if I got to 9 under, I'd have a chance.”
 Retief Goosen - “It was pretty close at one stage, but he played awesome. He ran away with it at the end. We all probably thought 9 under would be a good score.”
 Retief Goosen - “At the start of the day I thought 11- or 12-under (would win), ... When I saw Tiger and Jay got off to a bad start I thought nine-under would be a good score.”
 Retief Goosen - “I remember winning the first time, you know, suddenly everybody expects, well, okay, now he should win every time he tees it up, win six tournaments.”
 Retief Goosen - “It wasn't any easier the first time, ... I knew Phil was coming at me, and I knew it was coming down to me and him. It turned out my way.”
 Retief Goosen - “It was unfortunate, but you need to take some time out now and then. It put me back probably six weeks or so. I didn't play golf, but it was a good rest. I felt like I needed it, although it wasn't something I planned.”
 Retief Goosen - “The key is trying to get up early in the round, put pressure on the guy, ... The key is to be in the hole the whole time, trying not to give a hole away easy.”
 Retief Goosen - “We made the putts at the right time. The pressure was always on them.”

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