My Favorite Quotes
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 Joe Gordillo - “Last season, we had only nine healthy kids. We hope to get quite a few kids out to the sectional meet. If things go well, we have a possibility of winning the regional, but there are a lot of quality teams.”
 Joe Gordillo - “Breaking it in the middle of the season is pretty impressive. But he's so much more than just a good wrestler. He's a great leader and motivator for us. The guys started calling him Preacher Moody because he lifts everyone up in the room.”
 Joe Gordillo - “You tell him six weeks ago that he's going to be second in the state and I doubt he'd be disappointed in that at all. We didn't even know if he was going to be able to wrestle.”
 Joe Gordillo - “Whatever he could do to keep busy and be a part of the team. He did whatever needed to be done. He even helped out Eric, a kid that might take his spot. I thought that showed a lot of character.”