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 Howard Gorges - “Some sort of correction was overdue. The market may now be moving into consolidation after recent sharp gains. There is still a good appetite for stocks.”
 Howard Gorges - “There is some profit-taking after yesterday's gains, with many investors investors cautious over interest rates.”
 Howard Gorges - “You can't just get people to suddenly discover integrity overnight.”
 Howard Gorges - “Scores of investors are of the view that interest rates won't go up much higher.”
 Howard Gorges - “It may not be long before we see another interest rate cut and this could account for the follow-through buying we are seeing today.”
 Howard Gorges - “It's been a bit volatile today. People are selling into strength and buying into weakness.”
 Howard Gorges - “In the long-term, I think there is quite a lot of institutional money that might just want to simply have a yield, a relatively high yield, with perhaps a little bit of growth potential in it.”
 Howard Gorges - “A bit more good news could push the markets higher but any uncertainty could still shake them out.”
 Howard Gorges - “Most investors were expecting a correction this morning after sharp gains in the past few days but when they saw that there wasn't much selling pressure, buyers came back and pushed up the market.”
 Howard Gorges - “Hong Kong took a lead from Wall Street, Tokyo and other overseas markets, and this explains gains this morning.”
 Howard Gorges - “Yesterday's announcement by the Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation that the government would provide a top-up guarantee on mortgages was good for the market. But we are still a bit cautious. It was very light turnover and there was no real selling pressure.”
 Howard Gorges - “Overseas money is the primary driver based on a return of a degree of confidence. It is now perceived that most economies have bottomed out and are now on a recovery trend.”
 Howard Gorges - “We are getting a lot of rotational buying on blue-chip stocks right now. People are buying stocks when they are hurt or lagging.”
 Howard Gorges - “The market is behaving fairly normally, it's Hong Kong following Wall Street to a degree and it's also focused on the interest-rate outlook. Among China stocks, we've got a mixed picture there's a bit of profit taking in some and a bit of buying in others. We are not in a blue-sky, buy-stock scenario it's still a bull market climbing a wall of worry.”
 Howard Gorges - “The market was very quiet because most investors didn't want to take any significant positions ahead of the Christmas holidays.”
 Howard Gorges - “It's good to see CLP making a one-off gain last year and investors are happy to see that its earnings from overseas operations are increasing. However, it faces problems ahead as the government looks to change the scheme of controls which apply to local power companies.”
 Howard Gorges - “Especially ahead of the National People Congress beginning November 7 with power structure changes -- who's in, who's out and what scores are being settled -- some of the recent scandals have raised the question whether someone is being prosecuted because it was a sign of a loss of some power or potential loss of power by a particular faction in the government”