My Favorite Quotes
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 Michael Gorman - “We are troubled by what seems to be an accelerating trend in increased restrictions on access to government information.”
 Colin Gorman - “I always wondered, why is hearing voices in your head a sign of insanity Isn't that exactly where you should hear them coming from Now, if you started hearing voices in your feet, then I'd say you have serious problems.”
 Lon Gorman - “We would hope this would be a key platform for providing after-hours services.”
 Ty Gorman - “That was their idea, too. It says a lot about the type of kids on my team.”
 Ed O'Gorman - “It's only a small meet, but we're happy to be at home since we've been traveling all spring. A lot has been done to improve the stadium and we're looking forward to competing in it.”
 Carolyn Gorman - “Insurers are working as hard as they can to get these claims settled as quickly as they can and as fairly as they can. When all is said and done, it will be shown that the industry is not engaging in anything fraudulent in the resolution of these claims.”
 Jeremy Gorman - “Pottery Barn's had a big influence on the furniture industry. We have a lot of similar items that you can take home now and in a lot of cases, better quality.”
 John Gorman - “The petroleum industry may be skilled at lobbying the legislature to get what they want, but they will find it quite a bit different when they try to lobby the people of Colorado, who have always stood for fairness.”
 Michael Gorman - “That kind of local information is unique. So putting it online and making it available to the public -- it's invaluable.”
 Mary Gorman - “Start a file for billing, a file for UC information.”
 Colin Gorman - “Insanity is only insanity if you don't have a good agent and publicist.”
 Carolyn Gorman - “Insurance companies became gun shy.”
 Carolyn Gorman - “If you have a party and someone injures themselves in your apartment, they could also sue you for their own injuries. Or if you accidentally overflow the bathtub, your landlord could hold you responsible for damage to the property based on your negligence. That's another good reason to have insurance.”
 Caroline Gorman - “Good local interest has been successful in staving off a R5.97 or R5.98 break this week.”
 Lon Gorman - “The Internet is bringing a whole new kind of customer to bear. It would seem to us that many of those customers don't differentiate between daytime and nighttime.”
 Jeremy Gorman - “Don't get overextended. Keep an eye on your investment and what you owe over the next 30 to 60 days.”
 John Gorman - “John Edwards has been an ASA since 1998 and most recently has been working in the Juvenile Justice Bureau. This is considered a very serious charge. He has been suspended and the case turned over to the Illinois attorney general's office.”
 John Gorman - “We never pinned our hopes on the legislative process. It's a difficult process. It's fraught with many land mines as you go through. We've hit a couple, but it doesn't mean we won't see a good bill.”
 Caroline Gorman - “Some European insurance companies do not cover terrorism but we do not know of any U.S. based carriers that do not cover.”
 Jon Gorman - “We didn't really have a premise. We thought they should just all go to a pool.”
 John Gorman - “We turned that down. We thought the evidence was that this was a felony.”
 Dave Gorman - “My first thought was, 'I think I'm being insulted,'”
 John Gorman - “All we had was the delayed outcry of an 8-year-old boy. We told the police to continue investigating. If police thought this was such a great case, they could have pressed charges on their own.”
 Greg Gorman - “A great photograph asks as many questions as it answers. The photograph is perceived as the representation of a moment in time that existed or is realafter all, it must be real.”
 Michelle Gorman - “Were hoping that it is going to send a strong message to other WTO members that biotech approvals must be science-based and cant take the amount of time that the EU has taken in approving their biotech products.”

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