My Favorite Quotes
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 Marie L. Gothein, - “Indian monks were the first to choose the garden as the proper setting for their lives, which were devoted to the contemplation of the divine but with a prophetic eye we may see that the garden will often be dedicated in a like manner at a later time Greek philosophers, and monks in early Christian days, will retire into their gardens for united, yet silent, contemplation.”
 Marie Luise Gothein - “Right on to the New Period vineyard arbors were the centre and chief ornament of all gardens.”
 Marie Luise Gothein - “Rhythm, symmetry, and a happy combination of elegance and utility - a blend often desired in later days of hope and struggle - these have been fully attained, and with them a delight in quiet communion with Nature, expressing as she does the sense of beauty in orderliness.”
 Marie Luise Gothein - “For we must bear in mind that the greater number of garden pictures known to us are taken from tombs.”
 M. L. Gothein - “To Nature the dweller in the Nile valley linked all that was dear to him his happiest fetes, poetry, and love all were bound up with the garden and its products, especially flowers. Few Oriental nations can think of a festival without flowers, but nowhere are they so completely a part of human life, and so essential, as in Ancient Egypt.”
 M. L. Gothein - “In the religion of the Medes and Persians the cult of trees plays an important part, and with them, as with Assyrians, the symbol of eternal life was a tree with a stream at its roots. Another object of veneration was the sacred miracle tree, which within itself contained the seeds of all.”