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 Douglas Cliggott - “What we're seeing in Asia now is that rates of growth are slowing down. It's Latin America where you see growth picking up.”
 Douglas Cliggott - “I think the key in the market is technology, because what has been giving us this extraordinary earnings growth is spectacular earnings growth from a lot of tech companies. They are telling us the second half is going to be slower. So I think the broader market earnings trend is going to be not sharply down, but trending down.”
 Justin Pigott - “That's going to help us late in games. The seventh, eighth, and ninth innings is when you win.”
 Lester Piggott - “Eating's going to be a whole new ball game. I may even have to buy a new pair of trousers.”
 Doug Cliggott - “It's certainly not a nonevent. But for us, it really isn't a crucial event. Fed policy matters, but it will take a long time, in our view, before earnings really improve.”
 Gez Baggott - “We should have had it won by half-time, but at least this was an improvement on our last game. We went off, but managed to get back on the boil near the end and at least we got a point.”
 Douglas Cliggott - “We think this is an opportune time for investors to reduce exposure to U.S. equities.”
 Douglas Cliggott - “The market is adjusting to a trend that the market hasn't lived with in some time. Inflation is going up and interest rate are going up.”
 Douglas Cliggott - “The groups that will do well in this kind of environment are groups that were ignored for some time food, beverages, household products, necessities.”
 Douglas Cliggott - “I think what happened today is a lot of investors are disappointed about the outcome of the OPEC meeting.”
 Lester Piggott - “Their bottoms are the wrong shape”
 Douglas Cliggott - “The key is if the economic data stays soft, maybe we don't have to worry much about interest rates anymore. Then we need to worry about earnings. What gave us a really strong move in stock prices from late May until about two weeks ago was this heightened optimism that maybe interest rates are at that high. That gave you a relief rally. Now reality is setting in -- if we've seen the worst on interest rates then we've seen the best on earnings.”
 Tim Ehrgott - “I'm pretty floored and frustrated. It's not like we missed something that was obvious.”
 Douglas Cliggott - “Realistically, if it eliminates a degree of risk about the future, that's good news.”
 Tim Ehrgott - “We're going to find a different system that works for us, even if that costs us some money to do that. You want to make sure you know what you have in the classroom.”
 Justin Pigott - “Walk-off home runs work magic. This is huge. We knew we were coming back. And with that home run You got to be fired up.”
 Nicole Piggott - “We're coming in with no pressure. We're not supposed to win. We're not the favored team by any means, but I don't think we look at our seed at all. We don't look at it as 'We're not as good as them because of our seed.' In the end, we all play the same game, so it's a matter of who's playing better on that day.”
 Tim Ehrgott - “The situation was such that there were too many questions. In some ways that's unfortunate because Mr. Warner also has a lot of parents and kids who are concerned about him.”
 Justin Pigott - “We had so many weapons last year, and it's like this year, it's even better. I haven't seen any teams who are as deep as we are.”
 Nicole Piggott - “I don't think we've ever played in front of a crowd like this. But it just matters what we do on the court, that we do the things we've been doing all year.”
 Kacy Gott - “IRAs give you more control and they give you more investment options than a 401(k).”
 Kacy Gott - “Most are extreme optimists, who see opportunity all over, especially in their field. Often, their success prevents them from being conservative and protecting their downside.”
 Doug Cliggott - “Saying that stocks are cheap relative to an asset class that itself is really expensive -- that's a fragile comfort. To me the risk profile of the market in some ways is even higher than back in 1999. Back then people were buying because there was tremendous enthusiasm for stocks. Now they're buying them because they're turned off by the alternatives.”
 Gez Baggott - “Everyone at the club feels for Kevin as once is bad enough but for lightning to strike twice is unbelievably bad luck.”
 Kacy Gott - “It's still important to be across the asset classes. A bit of everything goes a long way.”

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