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 Dr. Gottlieb - “Sometimes less is more - less information, but highlighting it in a better way, sometimes better conveys important risk information.”
 Elizabeth Gottlieb - “I am just thankful the judge gave him what he deserved. What this man did to us can never be repaired.”
 Scott Gottlieb - “Our new drugs program has benefited from funding tools that are not available to us when it comes to generic drugs.”
 Michael Gottlieb - “He's got the weight of the world on his shoulders. He definitely feels bad.”
 Doug Gottlieb - “I've never sensed in all the three years I was playing for him and the six years since I never once suspected that (Sutton) was back drinking.”
 Mark Gottlieb - “This jury is getting the message that the plaintiffs' lawyers have been sending them for two years now.”
 Michael Gottlieb - “When everyone's back is against the wall, people come out fighting.”
 Robert Gottlieb - “I don't have lunches, dinners, go to plays or movies. I don't meditate, escalate, deviate or have affairs. So I have plenty of time.”
 Scott Gottlieb - “We need to do all these things to make the process for bringing new medical innovations to patients more timely, less expensive and less risky.”
 Scott Gottlieb - “We must do more than ever to monitor the performance of (device) products after they are approved, and make sure that we are quickly discovering and sharing information about problems that do arise.”
 Scott Gottlieb - “We are going to initiate a public process for trying to gather information for what additional guidelines we could issue to make sure that these ads are providing truthful and non-misleading information.”
 Robert Gottlieb - “I will do everything in my power to make sure he gets a fair trial and that the presumption of innocence is alive again in that courtroom.”
 Robert Gottlieb - “It was a basic story -- three or four or five girls start off together, one finds love, one goes crazy andor dies, and one of them becomes a huge success -- but Rona's take was very up-to-date. What made it work for the time was that it had a fresh young-career-women-in-New York quality with a fillip of shock.”
 Robert Gottlieb - “What I love about Paul's work is the combination of the endless invention with a strong dramatic imagination.”
 Doug Gottlieb - “Maybe a second chance at the Hall of Fame, but not on the sidelines. I love the man dearly but he doesn't deserve it.”
 Alan Gottlieb - “We've learned from the police that starting Monday at 8 a.m., New Orleans gun owners can get their firearms back.”
 Scott Gottlieb - “But as generic drugs continue to play an increasingly prominent role in the health of Americans, we need to also continue to make sure that the generic drug program remains on stable financial footing.”
 Mark Gottlieb - “It's historic. They've been able to weigh the evidence and conclude what we all know -- that these products do cause disease and do kill people.”
 Scott Gottlieb - “When you are speaking to consumers, 15-second spots don't provide any opportunity to give information on disease awareness.”
 Lindsay Gottlieb - “They have two superstars in Wiggins and Smith. We have to force the big two into taking tough shots and not let anyone else be a superstar. They are too good and too deep in stay in one defense. We have to mix some things up.”
 Robert Gottlieb - “This is the right decision, and the judge should be commended.”
 Michael Gottlieb - “They can investigate whatever they want. They have to have a way to connect them to the crime.”
 Lindsay Gottlieb - “When I become a head coach, it might be anti-climactic after that. There's a lot that goes into being that person at the helm. The fact is, that in the moment, the kids look at you, and you have to make decisions and be confident with it on and off the court. That's something from this experience that will stay with me going forward.”
 Elizabeth Gottlieb - “I want to be a thorn in his side. Every day he comes into court I want him to see me. I'll be thinking of my husband and I may get sad, but I'll have to hold back.”
 Scott Gottlieb - “There is a disconnect between the investment we're making in discovering treatments and the result in practical treatments that are reaching patients. We think that there are scientific approaches we could be taking that would help us learn more about drugs in a shorter time and for less cost.”

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