My Favorite Quotes
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 Buddy Gouldsmith - “We have to get a quality start out of Tabor. Our bullpen has worked hard and we need to get five or six innings out of him and only give up two or three runs.”
 Buddy Gouldsmith - “We've got to find a way to put the ball in play. We struck out 23 times in two days, and that is not tolerable.”
 Buddy Gouldsmith - “Matt has a tendency not to loosen up at times because of the surgery. I thought he was loose when he went out there today. He got to a point that things began to tighten a bit. He felt like he couldn't let it go.”
 Buddy Gouldsmith - “Whether everybody who shows up is rooting for the Rebels or not, I don't know, but certainly it will be exciting. I would imagine they would (travel well) coming off a national championship ... and just because of some of the momentum that their athletic department has.”
 Buddy Gouldsmith - “We gave up some runs early and I thought, here we go again. The only bright side of it was when we're in our park and the wind is blowing, I always feel like we've got a chance.”
 Buddy Gouldsmith - “Calvin's a well-rounded player. We can put him at the top of our order and he brings speed to the team.”
 Buddy Gouldsmith - “I think we've got a couple guys in the middle of that lineup who could show some power in Bonnell and Miller.”
 Buddy Gouldsmith - “With any luck at all, this will be the turning point in our season and we can continue to play well.”
 Buddy Gouldsmith - “I think he's comfortable with his role for this team right now. But he is part of the future of this program, and it's nice to see that he was able to perform when given an opportunity today.”
 Buddy Gouldsmith - “You have got to win games, no doubt about it. There's no remedy like winning. We thought Friday's win (6-5 in 12 innings) would spearhead that. We thought we would come out and swing the bats the next couple of games, and we haven't done that.”
 Buddy Gouldsmith - “We still have to wait for a final decision from the NCAA. I thought it would come probably 10 days ago, but obviously they're not in a hurry because it doesn't mean as much to them.”
 Buddy Gouldsmith - “The greatest thing about it is you had an energetic crowd and we played well, so hopefully we can get a lot of those people back out.”
 Buddy Gouldsmith - “I certainly don't want to take any credit away from him. He must have been doing something. But I just didn't feel like we competed at all.”
 Buddy Gouldsmith - “I think it's bothering him a little bit at the plate. Mike's playing through it. To his credit, he goes out there and guts it out every day. He puts a lot of pressure on himself to succeed, but he's our guy and we're going to roll with him.”
 Buddy Gouldsmith - “Part of the reason that we scheduled them ... was to excite people in our community about college baseball. I think people are excited about it, and I think we've got a chance to have a great crowd and gain a lot of community support.”
 Buddy Gouldsmith - “It is a tough schedule. But if we can maintain a high level of attention to detail, I think we're going to win a lot of games and be very successful.”
 Buddy Gouldsmith - “It's tough, after we scratched back. We have been giving up momentum runs. You score, you have to answer with a zero, and we did not do that.”
 Buddy Gouldsmith - “Keith has been coming through for us consistently, but we need somebody else to step up. I think our best baseball is ahead of us, but we can't do it with one guy. We need to have a second guy come around and help carry us.”
 Buddy Gouldsmith - “Braden got ahead in the count and that's a situation where he can really be aggressive and look for a fastball.”