My Favorite Quotes
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 Dan Goure - “The services are demanding them - they can't get enough Predators in Iraq. Now the revolution has come. And it's going to be explosive over the next few years.”
 Daniel Goure - “I find that ridiculous, frankly. This means they haven't thought of the basics. They haven't worked out the most obvious scenarios.”
 Dan Goure - “The prior reviews had a certain sense of cover-ups than an honest full-fledged review. It's essentially to raise it a notch from a standard review to a now criminal review. When you have people taking testimony under oath, it makes it harder to cover things.”
 Dan Goure - “With the number of units available, they are coming to the point where they simply were not going to have enough brigades. There is a recognition that the number has to come down because of the stress that was being placed on the force.”
 Daniel Goure - “Given the fact that the total number of attacks are up and Iraqi casualties are rising, it is real hard to say we have seen any light in this tunnel.”
 Daniel Goure - “It's like having a persistent drought. At some point when you have drought conditions you have to institute water rationing, and that's what you potentially face in the military if it goes on long enough. You would get to a stage where you don't have enough people to staff your organizations.”
 Daniel Goure - “We have been waiting for two things to happen to plan the beginning of our withdrawal.”
 Daniel Goure - “The first was the creation of an Iraqi security capability, which we have well underway -- a quarter of a million (Iraqi personnel) doing various things. And number two was a functioning unity government, or something that at least had all the major groups represented. We now have that.”
 Dan Goure - “From their point of view, it is not a matter of convincing Congress, it is a matter of, if they don't understand me the first five times I'm just going to say it louder the 6th through 10th.”
 Dan Goure - “Do they think that the current defense budget will sustain Northrop Grumman as a viable competitor over the next 10 years An 8 billion company cannot survive in a world of 40 billion companies.”
 Dan Goure - “The money was not inconsequential before, and has become quite substantial. They're looking at non-college-bound high school graduates. Getting this kind of money is significant. They get a job, a steady paycheck and enough for a down payment on a brand new car.”
 Daniel Goure - “There is a clear role for F-22 here.”
 Dan Goure - “The Department of Defense is being eaten out of house and home by health care costs. More retirees are going with military medicine, Congress is allowing more National Guard and reservists to enter (the VA system) and the costs are rising. You have to say if you are going to have this kind of ballooning in PTSD benefits, a review is appropriate.”
 Dan Goure - “They're denied almost all imports except under tight control. They don't really trade with the world any more in any particular way. Their bank accounts are frozen. So on economic grounds, we've essentially done the worst we can do with Iraq, and so far they've survived.”
 Daniel Goure - “I am enormously skeptical that the Serbs are ready to negotiate, or more importantly, the Serbs that we are talking about here are the Serbs of Belgrade. (Bosnian Serb leader Slobodan) Milosevic, we have not heard from because the administration refused to directly negotiate with the Bosnian Serbs.”